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Great News!


We have shares of our pasture raised beef available for purchase!


Quarter shares up to whole cow available for spring 2024


Very limited supplies left!

Why the South Poll Bred?

Excellent in Grass Based Farms 

The South Poll breed was developed to excel on grass and forage alone for a few main reasons. Firstly because grass only systems are much more profitable then farms that have high grain feed bills. Secondly because it produces a better life for the animal and a better final product for the market. 

Our cows eat a diet of primarily fescue and clover with a mix of some wild grasses and have done excellent.



Many cow breeds will rotate cows out every couple of years for younger heifers. Not south poll cattle. Many south poll bulls are in service into their teen years and some cows have been in service for 18+ years and never missed a calf. 

This is so valuable to the farmer because replacement cost for new cattle is so high. Spending on one cow you know will produce for a decade or two makes it much easier to be profitable.

Calm Disposition

Our family farm as well as many others really love and value a calm cow. It makes it such a more enjoyable experience to handle cows when they are tame. South poll are super docile and gentle. Many farmers can walk through the herd and pet them and they will not care. 

This is an extremely desirable trait if you have a farm like ours where kids will be around the cattle. Having calm cows lets me and my family be safer, and it will do the same for you. 

Meet the Sand Mountain Family


Thanks for visiting our farm! We are the Bernstein Family and we are the owners of Sand Mountain South Polls, which is a small family farm in North East Alabama.


We are focused on raising the best grass fed seed stock south poll possible. Most of our cattle are a percentage or pure bred which is perfect for someone looking to get into south poll for the first time. If you are interested in buying quality registered South poll let us know! We sell bull and heifer calves as well as some bred cows from time to time. 

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Interested In South Poll?

If you are interested in buying some Cattle from us, use the contact information below! We'd Love to help!

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