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Meet the Sand Mountain Family


Thanks for visiting our farm! We are the Bernstein Family and we are the owners of Sand Mountain South Polls, which is a small family farm in North East Alabama.


We are focused on raising the best grass fed south poll possible. We raise a portion of our cattle to turn into amazing food for local families and a portion to sell to other farmers to start their herds.


Most of our herd cattle we sell are a percentage or pure bred which is perfect for someone looking to get into south poll for the first time.


If you are interested in buying quality Beef for your family or registered South poll to start your own farm let us know! 

Our Farm

Our farm is a 65 acre family farm in Henagar AL which is located up 1,400 feet in the Sand Mountain range! We focus on pasture raised and grass fed animals because we believe that's the way animals were meant to live.


On our farm we primarily raise south poll cattle but we also have chickens and Kune Kune pigs which we love!


In the near future we hope to expand our Kune Kune herd to be able to sell pasture pigs to other farmers looking for an alternative to the traditional pig industry.  

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