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Why South Poll Cattle?

The South Poll Cattle Breed was invented by Teddy Gentry at Bent Tree in 1989. The Bred is an even mix of Red Angus, Hereford, Barzona and Senepol. 


South Polls are bred to be slick-haired, small-framed cows with emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition. South Polls are also bred to excel on a grass-based grazing system in the heat of the south were the bred was created.



Our bulls are calm and gentle to be around which for us and many other family farms is a top priority. We also selected bulls that are shorter and thicker in frame which results in bulls weighing typically between 1300-1700 pounds.

Check out a few of our herd bulls below

This is our 100% Full-blooded bull H61. First Picture is at 16 months old and the second is at 24 months. He is a calm and gentle bull, raised on nothing but grass. He is going to be our main herd bull of the future!


This is the herd sire to many of our cows and heifer calves. He is a 6 year old bull with all the traits you want in a herd bull. He is built short and stout with great disposition and has consistently had great sized calves for us. 



Our cows are selected with many things in mind. But some of the most important is utter quality, small/medium frame size, fertility, maternal instincts and overall body condition throughout the tough times of the year. 

If a cow ever does not meet our standard for any of the qualities we want, we sell her. This is how we keep progressing our herd in the direction we want. Check out a few examples of females we have below!  


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